Gang Gang

My clients are the best models. You never know who you might see in Nappy Nerd gear.

Custom painted portrait messenger bag for comedian, Darren Fleet

Nappy Nerd logo tee and camo snapback worn by artist, Amiri Richardson-Keys

Nappy Nerd Takes on Harvard

Custom distressed shirt and earrings

"I Luh You Girl" Martin-inspired earrings

Hers and Hers " By Way of the Motherland" tees

Nappy Nerd luh the kids!

"By Way of the Motherland" tee

Logo dashiki

"Real Fresh" decoupage earrings

"By Way of the Motherland" tee

Handmade earrings

Digitie worn by artist, Paige Abstracts

Distressed logo tee

Duafe comb earrings

"The Only Donald I Acknowledge is Glover" tee

Tank of Tank and the Bangers in her logo dashiki

"Power Fist" medallion worn by children's author, Ronnie Sidney II

"Power to the Puff" earrings

Logo tee

Logo tee

Custom hand-painted dad cap

Distressed logo tee

Hand-painted earrings

Legal imprint