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Who in the World is Nappy Nerd?

     Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Shawnda Harper. I am an exceptional education teacher, mixed media artist, and mental health professional based in Richmond, Virginia. I am fortunate to be able to do all of the things I am passionate about on a daily basis. My life is one of art and service. I strive to use my creativity to inspire others and encourage them to see the positive effect that creating can have on their mood and overall well-being. In August 2022, an illness left me temporarily blind. This devastating experience gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate how I could be more intentional in using my work to support issues I am most passionate about. After looking at my art and work history, I discovered that my passion pattern was incorporating my creativity into the mental well-being of Black families in general, and children specifically. I realized that my voice was being heard peripherally but I wanted to really walk in my purpose and use my gifts to impact my community on a larger scale. As I embark on my journey, which has not been linear by any means, I welcome you all to laugh, cry, learn and grow through my life of service.

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