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Nappy Nerd Luh da Kids

The Teacher

 As a Teacher, I quickly began to understand the inequities children face in our schools that are meant to be a safe haven for them and a way for them to become prepared for the world around them. I became frustrated with the tendency of the public education system and its educators to focus on policy over people. I decided to re-evaluate ways I could teach while maintaining my self-determination and beliefs and child-centered perspective. 

The Artist

 I have always been creative, but it wasn't until I started working with youth that I really understood the impact that art had on them and me. After a job with Parks and Recreation that allowed me the opportunity to develop programs for summer camps, I realized how much I had begun to reclaim some of my own lost childhood and how wildly creative the children were. This was often an untapped area as we are accustomed to just giving children markers and coloring sheets. I wanted to elevate that experience. I have made it a priority to teach children various art forms and provide them the space and freedom to explore their creativity. 

The Mental Health Professional

 I always find it helpful to make connections with children when I use art exercises as a part of my lessons and behavior interventions. As a Qualified Mental Health Professional and someone certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid, I realized just how much my background in the mental health field inform the work I do. Now more than ever our children need to be heard and validated by people who are astute and provide trauma informed care when working with them. 

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